The Next Generation Publishing
Step by step and one-on-one hands on consulting for every facet of the process.
From concept, writing, editing, printing, publishing, eBook,marketing, promotion, sales and distribution.
Which format should you publish?
Should I submit to a traditional publisher,vanity publisher, self-publish?

What is the difference in a digital eBook and a Enhanced eBook?

How can I market and sell my book?

Why have a printed book and a digital format? How do I generate sales?

Sniff Publishing & NXTGen for print books and NXTGen for interactive eBooks.

MIP published it's first book in 1983.  NXTGen Digital services provides electronic book publishing and Sniff Publishing is specialty scratch and sniff print book service

Combines the best of traditional publishing with the best of self publishing.
Distribution channels
Red Bag

What Makes NXTGen Different?
Our authors are on the radio...

We don't do "one size fits all" or use a "cookie-cutter" publishing templates or strategies. Each book  is hands-on and customized. A  custom plan strategy and positioning  for your book and vision /

Your book has a unique fit and purpose.
We connect the dots to make the publishing process be all that it can be... To make your goal a reality. As traditional publishers reduce their lists and decrease the number of new titles, Author-based publishing emerges to fill the gap. Self-publishing serves a need if all you want is just a printed book!

Hands on all the way....
NXTGen offers a new way of looking at author-based publishing. We use our industry experience to provide you the most cost-effective tools for publishing, marketing, and selling your book. We don't give you a simple "check list" and then hope it all works out for you like other companies do.

100% or Shared Royalty Options...
Don't pay for printing until the book is sold!

You make up to 100% of the Royalties or an option of shared participation to reduce your startup cost. You can pay us for printing AFTER your books has sales.

Radio - TV - Media-Appearance - Promotion
We provide publicist, PR and will schedule you for appearances for your book marketing support for each author.  Have a great promotion idea? Let us help you make it work.

Opportunities for Bookstore & Library
. & Trade shows
Books that meet certain editorial guidelines are eligible for the same national bookstore and library distribution offered by many traditional publishers. Get details on how we can get your book into bookstores and libraries.Major trade show such as BEA, Book trade shows Library, gift shows are filled with opportunity

Creative Marketing Strategy Specific to Your Book
Our book cover designs are completely original. No templates of any kind. Many of our competitors use templates, but place original art on them. Not us. See our original covers.

Companion InteractiveBooks
Your book will have a companion Ebook and interactive book

You Own The the Book
You own all  files and the layouts you pay us to create. Read the fine print of most other book publishing companies´ contracts and you´ll see that if you leave them, you might get the artwork, but they keep the layout and the actual cover format you paid for, causing you to have to pay for it again with another publisher. That´s crazy.

Consulting and guidance every step of the project.
This is not a get rich fast business for 99% of the authors. For new authors the book business appears to be easy. Some may think ball you do is write the book, print and magically book sales appear. Sorry but that is only on TV and in the movies The book business is 80% perspiration and 20% inspiration in order to be successful.

We provide what you need. not what you don't need!
We don´t sell you stupid things that won´t help you sell books, like bookmarks, posters or placement in a group ad in the back of a national publication. Spend your money where it counts and it will result in book sales. We´ll show you how to effectively use the internet to select and choose potential readers who are actually interested in your type book.We don't use out of date marketing approaches.

Arthur Agee
T.A. Van Diver
Best selling Hoop Dreams Series... Arthur Agee
Presents The Red Bag.. A Childrens book of children against bullying
Lou Vickery
Radio Talk show host
Interactive Books combined with Print books
The Next Generation
Interactive Digital Books