Bully Zone Defense Kit
A presentation to  children in grade3-9. The presentation is focused on bullying. The session provides a mental defense "tool" to deal with over powering Bullies. The Bully Defense  uses a mental trigger mechanism to assist the "WATCHER"
Session Length : 20 minutes - 60 minutes

Full Court Press for Homework - Kit
A motivation presentation for students in grade 4-10. This session focuses on the Hoop Dream Movie and important studying and homework were to the dream.
20-60 minuets depending on grade/age

Man on Man defense against Drugs - Kit
A mental  approach to help students over come the challenges and temptations of peer pressure or isolated using.

Free Throw To Success

Shoot to Score
  Against Bullying program can be live onsite, remote video or with the Foundation Do it yourself kit.The kits are designed to be used by teachers, administrators, youth groups, coaches and parents to help develop life skills to overcome pressures and challenges facing our youth. Each Kit has printed materials, online materials and online video live conference with Arthur Agee. Each motivational program may also be done live onsite or remote.

A bully controls 3 people

Against Violence
Against Bullying
Watchers can become Defenders
Watchers who do nothing!
Role Model