Signs That You Might Be A Bully to Others.......

Okay, time for the truth. Or at least time to consider if you have a confession to make! Take this quiz to find out if you've ever bullied someone. Put a check in the boxes if you've done these things before.

There's a boy or a girl (or maybe more than one) whom you've repeatedly shoved, or punched or physically pushed around in a mean way just because you felt like it.

You had someone else hurt someone you don't like.

You've spread a nasty rumor about someone, in conversation, in a note, or through email or instant messaging.

You and your friends have regularly kept one or more kids from hanging out or playing with you. Examples: at your lunch table at school, during sports or other activities, or activities that are a part of a club or other kind of group activity.

You've teased people in a mean way, calling them names, making fun of their appearance, or the way they talk or dress or act.

You've been part of a group that did any of these things - even if you only wanted to be part of the crowd.

If you checked any of these boxes, you're not alone. All over the country, in all types of neighborhoods and schools, there are all types of young people who bully others. Bullying is serious business. It causes young people a lot of pain, and it can affect their ability to do well in school and their general happiness.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Join Arthur Agee Against Bullies and become part of the solution to this serious problem!

Control Your Destiny Life Skills Workshop
Bully Zone Defense

This workshop  can bee  30-60 minutes in length depending on the age / grade and includes Teachers Guide & Student Guide & Parents Guide. The student workshop uses references to challenges in the Hoop Dream move.

Arthur Agee Against Bullying- Think of an Apple
Hoop Dreams 5 steps "against bullying"
The Arthur Agee jr Role Model Foundation presents…..
Life Skills development

Students participate in the Arthur Agee Foundation bully workshop to learn how to deal with conflict and teasing.

After the 30 minute work shop the students create an animated cartoon.  They write it, produce it, create the images, supply the script and voices..

They will create a 3 minute cartoon of their view of the problem and they view the solution.

The cartoons are called “MIND-MOVIEs” because it represents what they think and feel about uses discussed as it related to their thoughts and inner feelings.

The Mind Movie lets children and teens work in teams to create an animated “mind- move” cartoon. This program build self confidence and self esteem while addressing bully issues.
Students grades 3-12 … Create animations about bullying

A cartoon created by kids for kids about kids and represents what they have learned in  workshop session with each class. This bully program is best  presented to each class and each grade in the school
Bully Prevention Workshop...  students create an animated cartoon about bullying..  This anti-bully session is for All levels... All grades.

The Apple is used in the workshop to relate how the Bully affect others....
Engage the student with....
Create A Book Against Bullying
Create A Cartoon Agasint Bullying