Hoop Dreams: Control Your Destiny
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Bill Clinton, Former President of the United States.

“He's a remarkable young man, you know. And I -- what I took away from it is, here's a young fellow that made up his mind he was going to make something of his life and try to live out his dream. He's committed to continuing his education until he gets his degree. He still wants to play pro basketball. But whatever happens to him, he's going to have a good life. And I hope that Hoop Dreams and I hope that Arthur Agee both, serve as a kind of an inspiration to kids all across this country who are growing up in very hard circumstances. They can make it. They can be something. And I'm very grateful that he came down to Arkansas to go to college. He's a terrific young man and I wish him well.”

- Bill Clinton, Former President of the United States.

Arthur is a tremendous presence to kids.”
- Elizabeth Alegria School Safety Officer, Southgate Academy
“This is a revolutionary advancement in the field of pragmatic education.”
- Edward Sapp, parent

“One of the best life skills programs I’ve ever seen.”      
- Luis Guerrero

“Mr. Cunningham is effective with kids and advocates for them”
- Ignacio Ruiz, Vice-Principal Sierra Middle School

“Parents actually called to congratulate us on what we were teaching”
- Debbie Summers, Principal Utterback Middle School

“We were truly lucky to have Arthur here.”
- Owner, Southgate Academy Charter School

“This program is real and kids truly respond.”
- Deborah Van Nos, Teacher
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Two Presidents, President Obama and President Clinton and the Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan support the Foundation and it’s efforts to develop life skill  programs’