Class Project -
Create A Cartoon Against Bullying
Results based class program to reduce  bullying and harassment

The Hoop Dreams-Bully Game Plan  is the most unique and effective program to engage students, teachers and parents about options for dealing with bullying and harassment. This program inspires interaction,  involvement and understanding  of the problem and the solutions.

Engaging students is key to learning  about the interaction of The Watcher, The Victim and The Bully.

Bully Prevention and Intervention  Life Skill Programs

Engaging Participation not Passive Observation

“This program engages the six inches between the participants”
Student Involvement
Build Confidence & Self Esteem
Long Term Retention
Personal Bully Plan
Group Bully Plan
School Bully Plan Bus Bully Plan
Playground Bullying Plan
Cyber Bullying
Harassment Plan

Create-A-Cartoon Workshop Outline

Part I
Bully Assessment; The Bullying is NOT Cool Course; Role Playing  & Discussion & and Bully Cartoon Script Writing

Part II
Create A Bully Cartoon Based in Session I- Create The bully Cartoon that portrays their feeling about each of the 3  Bully variables and drills down to engage the students to develop solutions.

Part III
Watch the  Completed Cartoon & Discussion. Students interview others about the Bully Cartoon they created Then Create the Bully Plan

Discussion of ;The Red Bag , The Apple,, The Watcher, The Victim, and The Bully.

Part IV
Follow up report and interviews with students, parents and teachers

Create A Cartoon Against Bullying
Create A Book Against Bullying

Arthur Agee the star of the “Best sports  documentary ever made” Siskel & Ebert Movie critics brings his message against bullying. A workshop on Anti-Bully and Cyber- Bully  from the Arthur Agee JR Role Model Foundation. The most  exciting and effective tool to understand the victim, the watcher and the bully in one project
The group creates a 3 minute animated cartoon about bullying or a 28 page book that depicts the students view of bullying during the workshop
Class Project
Create A Cartoon
Create A Book
Help End Bullying
Bully Prevention and Intervention  bring bully, the victim and the watcher to direct their own cartoon animation  messages. The cartoon will stay with each participant  because they script and write it as a movie cartoon.

Students Against Bullying Workshop bring each student to better understand the problem, and solutions to bullying as well as options to overcome the bully challenges.
After the 30-60 minute workshop learning how to handle bullies, the students will then create a fully animated cartoon about what they have learned. The bully Workshop has three parts and may be done in one or two sessions.