"Hoop Dreams isn't mainly about sport, or even about life and death in the inner city. It's about families hanging tough on nerve and prayer. It's about what passes for the American dream to people whose daily lives are closer to nightmares." Time (v. 144, p. 76: October 24, 1994), "Hoop Dreams."
Hoop Reality
After Hoop Dreams- there is Hoop Reality!

(4 Ratings, Overall: 4.0)

Director(s) Lee Davis
Starring Arthur Agee, Patrick Beverley and Lamont Bryant
Language(s) English
Released January 01, 2007
Genre Documentary, Sports
Run Time 92 minutes
Rating NR
Description Hoop Reality is the sequel to the 1995 documentary "Hoop Dreams" and explores what happened during the last decade from where "Hoop Dreams" left off. It follows the original basketball hero past his dream and into reality, examining where life has carried him over the decade, and taking a look at where he is today, as the torch gets passed to the next dream seeker. Along the way he mentors and inspires the up-and-coming basketball star, Patrick Beverly, who leads his team, the Marshal Commandos, for the first time since the original "Hoop Dreams", to the State Finals.