We believe in the African proverb "that it takes a village to raise a child". We seek to be part of the village.
Our mission is to help our kids win the game of life. We believe that education is critical to the success of a person’s life.
We are committed to a program that uses basketball as a tool to motivate and encourage kids from the inner-city neighborhoods of New York to strive for life success beyond the sport of basketball. We seek to use basketball and academic achievement to obtain educational and other opportunities for kids that otherwise would be unattainable.
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We hope that our kids will become tomorrow’s leaders on and off the basketball court.
Life Skill to Grow from Hoop Dreams To Reality.


The Foundation has been teaching people how to stop being bullied for many years. If kids are constantly picking on you, I know how miserable it can make you. You have probably found that no matter how hard you try to make them stop, it isn’t working. Your school may be instructing you to tell the adults when kids bully you, but you probably discovered that when you tell on your bullies, they hate you even more and treat you worse.


Is your child being bullied in school? Are you angry because the school is failing to make the bullying stop? Or are you angry because the school is accusing your child of being a bully?

If you have found that everything you and your school are doing to make bullying stop isn’t working, you have come to the right place! The Arthur Agee Jr. Role Model Buddies™ has materials and services that really work


Are you spending time and effort trying to get your students to stop bullying each other? Are you getting frustrated because no matter how hard you try to make it stop, it never seems to end? Do you wish you could spend more time teaching and less time policing?
Are parents getting angry with you for failing to stop their kids from being bullied? Are they claiming you are doing nothing to stop it from happening? How does it make you feel when you read articles or hear news reports absurdly proclaiming that bullying happens because teachers do nothing to make it stop?

Principals and Administrators

Are you a school principal or administrator? Were you eager to have anti-bullying laws passed with the belief that they will make bullying in your school disappear, only to discover that your school has been turned into a correctional facility with you as chief warden? Are you finding that instead of the bullying decreasing, it is actually getting worse?

Mental Health Professionals

Are you a school counselor, psychologist or social worker? Has your job become miserable ever since your school’s anti-bullying program made you responsible for getting rid of bullying? Are you feeling more like a detective or security officer than a mental health professional? And are you discovering that instead of making the bullying disappear, you are simply spending more and more time trying to make bullying disappear?

Are you wondering how you are supposed to increase students’ academic standing when so much time and energy is being diverted to dealing with bullying?

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