The Prophetic Almanac for 2018
                                                                       Revive, Rewrite and Reset your path in 2017

"This book is must read if your desire is to have a more successful year in 2018  than you had in 2017.” A.S

“This book contains the message that Dr. OZ, Dr. Phil can’t tell you.” J.V

“Prophetic 2017 was spot on for me and I wouldn’t think of starting the New Year without the new Book.” B.J.
“This book stays with me everywhere I go.” L.C.

“He discusses how to understand Biblical numbers and their scriptural significance. Pastor Jenkins is an “Apostle of  God with a prophetic voice for our nation.” J.R.

"The prophetic dates caused me to be on the lookout for things I would not normally have noticed." C.S.

The Prophetic Almanac 2018 is a book full of information, inspiration, and divine revelation. Learn God's prophetic purpose for 2018. See what the number 18 is connected to and what it means to be born on the 18th day of the month. With a prophetic word for all 50 states you will learn the spiritual forecast for your state and what to pray for. Read the scriptures that will help bring you success in 2018.

Feeling like there is no hope is one of the most challenging emotions to manage. Hopelessness brings anxiety and despair, which can lead to, damaged relationships, bad health and lost dreams. It can break your spirit, make you powerless and ruin your life, or it can mold and shape you into something better. In PROPHETIC 2017, you will find the keys to unlock God’s love and energy; giving you the power to overcome any adversity. It doesn’t matter if you are having health problems, addiction issues, financial, relationship or personal problems, just follow the word and you will no longer be overwhelmed by the hopelessness of your situation. You will be empowered by the hopefulness that God will bring into your life. More information available at:

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