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Why NXTGen ?
Do I still own the rights to my book if I publish with NXTGen?
Can I publish my book with NXTGen and another publisher, too?
How much does it cost to publish a book?
Can I publish in other languages with NXTGen?
Can NXTGen publish my book if I live outside of the United States? 
Will NXTGen edit and help position my book?
Will NXTGen promote and market my book?
Who will be able to purchase my book?
How can I get in touch with NXTGen if I have questions that are not in the FAQ database?
If you have ever dreamed of publishing your own book, we can help! Welcome to NXTGen.
NXTGen is a book publishing services company. Our focus is to supply writers with publishing and marketing services that are both innovative and cost-effective to fulfill their need. We are committed to deliver exactly what authors desire - control over the final product.

We understand the need for privacy, confidentiality, security and vow to protect your personal information, copyright-protected materials and privacy. Please review our Privacy Policy for details.
Why NXTGen
This is by far the easiest, fastest and most dynamic publishing experience. Our team of experts will guide you step-by-step through the process until your manuscript is a complete, published book. The steps to publishing through NXTGen are quick and easy. From selecting a package, approving the formatted interior and cover design, you'll be surprised how quickly a finished book can be in your hands. The flexibility of the design elements, choices and optional additional services offer a dynamic experience that will be a perfect fit for many different types of authors. Since we understand the importance of customer support, we also have a support team standing-by to lend a hand if you need help during the process.

NXTGen offers a wonderful opportunity to writers and authors who prefer to make their own choices, remain in control, and ultimately select the selling price and royalty of their book. Since you retain ownership of the rights to your published book, you remain in control of your manuscript and would reap any financial earnings if you decide to publish with another publisher in the future, sell your manuscript to a movie production company, or if any other opportunities arise. You also have the freedom to select the royalty amount you earn when someone purchases your book.

You get an ISBN and Channel Distribution which means your book is available to anyone in the Ingram Book Network. Using Print-on-Demand technology, our printer can supply an infinite number of copies of your book. No matter the size of the order, small or large, books are conveniently printed whenever an order is placed, so you never have to deal with up front printing costs or storing books that you don't need.

We have helped serious writers, recreational writers, poets, cooks, parents, artists, business professionals, students and more turn their manuscripts and works into published books. We are confident we can help you, too.
Do I own my book rights with NXTGen?
Yes. You retain ownership of the rights to your book. Unlike traditional publishers, you keep the rights after the book is published.
Can I publish my book with NXTGen and another publisher, too?
Yes. Since you retain the rights to your book, you can publish your materials with another publisher, sell the rights to a movie company, or anything else you wish to do with the material.

We do not have restrictions if your book is currently available through another publisher, or if you wish to publish your book elsewhere in the future. The only limitation is that you cannot use book files we create for you in their finished form and print the book exactly as it is with another publisher.
How much does it cost to publish with NXTGen?
Our book publishing packages offer various combinations of our publishing and marketing services for a truly customized indie publishing experience. With NXTGen, you can choose the publishing package that best suits your publishing goals. Click here to view all of our publishing packages.
Can I publish a non-English book with NXTGen?
Yes. Any language can be published through NXTGen as long as there is a font that supports it. Check on our allowable font list to ensure the font used in your manuscript supports the characters of the language.
Can NXTGen publish my book if I live outside of the United States?
Yes. Authors all over the globe can publish with NXTGen. We currently have world-wide distribution and printers in the United States and the United Kingdom.
Does NXTGen edit my book?
Our publishing packages do not include editing services; however, we do offer our professional editing services. We urge you to check out the details, because editing is an important step in publishing a quality book. Let one of our professional copy editors add a finishing touch of expertise to your manuscript and catch any grammar, spelling and punctuation errors that you may have overlooked.
Will NXTGen promote my book?
All NXTGen packages include a listing your book in our . We also offer free newsletters filled with tips on how to self-promote and market your book.

Depending on your goals for your book, you may want to include other marketing services to promote your book to a concentrated or wide market. Additional promotional services can be purchased separately.
Who will be able to purchase my book?
People all over the world will have access to your book through our online . Thousands of retailers, such as, Barnes & Noble and Borders, will have access to ordering your book.
Is there a minimum or maximum number of books that I can or must order?
No, there is neither a minimum nor maximum order requirement. Our service allows you the freedom to order as many or as few books as you wish. Quality books are printed and shipped in the same amount of time it takes to place any online order. With NXTGen, you're free from the hassles and costs of buying and storing books that you might not need.
You can contact our customer support team through our Contact Us page or by phone at 952-955 6596.
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