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Marriage, relationship and sexual coach
4 hours to a better marriage and better sex!
Save your Marriage-Revive Your Sex
I guarantee my 4 hour workshop and book will help you have more and better sex and learn how to have peaceful, collaborative respectful conflict resolution between you and your spouse instead of fighting. The guarantee is based upon you following my instructions, if it does not work I will cheerfully refund your money.
John Wilder
Marriage Coach

I can help you to stop fighting with your spouse and peacefully resolve your differences.
I can help you with your sexual relationship with your spouse with more and better sex.
I can help you save your marriage and keep your kids with both parents that they desperately need.

I am a marriage, relationship and sexual coach. I have a BA degree with a double major in Behavioral Science and Bible. I also went to graduate school for Clinical Psychology. I attended Nursing School as well. I am one of but a handful of clinicians who treat clients holistically, dealing with all 3 aspects of our being; mind, body and spirit. I am a proud new member of AASECT which is a professional organization that stands for American Assn of Sexual Educators, Counselors and Therapists

You don’t have to be in my town because I deal with clients on the phone or on Yahoo IM on camera. I promise 4 hour sessions that resolves your problems in a very short period of time instead of counseling which takes months and fails 75% of the time. You can follow my blog for marriage, relationship or sexual issues at

If you like you can contact me and I will give you a complimentary half hour session. All you have to do is to leave me a comment on the blog or if you wish to communicate with me in private, you can email me at Leave me your name and phone number and I will call you back. Finally, you can contact me in absolute confidence because I offer (an unheard of in the counseling industry) money back guarantee.
John Wilder OCT. 26-2019
Get Sex Back into Your Marriage WORKSHOP
1-5 pm LIVE Jacksonville, FL.
ORDER The Book that can save you marriage and Sex life by John Wilder
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ORDER The Book that can save you marriage and Sex life by John Wilder
ORDER The Book that can save you marriage and Sex life by John Wilder
John Wilder OCT. 26-2019
1-5 pm LIVE Jacksonville, FL.
America has the second highest divorce rate on the planet, right behind Communist Russia.

Marriage counselors are criminally under trained. For example, they get ZERO training in sexuality, and that is one of the big 3 issues  couples fight about.

They are not trained or requires to have any... (ZERO)... training in conflict resolution skills. The main reason  couples go to a marriage counselor is to learn how to stop fighting.

Why would anyone go to a marriage counselor that does not teach conflict resolution skills?   Effective Conflict Resolution (ECR)  is one of the most important tools to save relationships and marriages.

Another problem with marriage counselors... they allow insurance companies to dictate the frequency of  the counseling session and how it will be rationed... 1 hour once a week.

These approaches to marriage counseling will surely result in 100% guaranteed failure.

If your marriage needs counseling, it is like having strep throat. You need a lot of antibiotic in a short period of time. Saving your marriage requires a lot of counseling in a short period of time.

This also contributes to future divorce for several reasons. Once mom leaves with daughters in tow, you would not believe how many women have confided to me that they were serially raped by mama's new boyfriend or step dad.

Another problem: When couples remarry and bring two separate set of step-kids together they force them into living and loving as one big happy family... Like nothing happened. The step kids want no part of that! They want their natural parents back together.

Constant fights and the "divide and conquer" between parents and step parents begins to develop. Divorced parents and step parents  are very good at creating division.

My book is on the AASECT recommended reading list (American Association of Sexual Educators, Counselors and Therapists)

One the best book reviews comes from  a licensed marriage counselor who credits the book for saving his own marriage. He wrote a  review that raved about my book.

I was recently offered a TED talk on the book. And finally, I just was notified that my book took first place in my category marriage in the International Book Excellence Awards contes