Publishing Services... Weekly or monthly services made easy with NXTGen
NXTGen delivers value-added solutions to publishers
In this fast-changing digital world, we  maximize opportunities as they arise through a number of proven and leading edge offerings:
NXTGen  - provides digital framework that manages the development of your content, weekly or monthly publications made east with NXTGen services we can provide you turn key digital interactivity that is cost-effective.Everything from the layout to digital format,manuscript to delivery of the digital and printed book and marketing materials.
NXTGen Digital Book program provides significant copy editing, proofing, indexing and correction productivity.
Digital Asset Management - a digital repository that supports repurposing, archiving and exploitation of digital content assets across the total publishing lifecycle and ensures the full control of all digital assets.
Preview Flip-Book Widgets - are digital marketing renditions of a title that enable the consumer to sample the book pages, search the total text, see the table of contents and getter a better experience of the book before buying. They are used to promote both the physical as well as the digital copy and ensure that the publisher can control their representation in the market.
The consumer can also copy the widgets and forward them to friends, post them on web sites and blogs. 
Digital Previews - are used to promote a title to specific people or groups. In all levels of education the inspection copy is sent to known interested buyers and intermediaries who influence buying with a view to the review leading to the title’s adoption. The purpose of the digital inspection copy is not to just remove this waste but also inform the publisher who opened the book, what pages they visited, how long the spent reviewing what, what they bookmarked, even what they annotated. Importantly it will also inform the publisher what they didn’t read and even if they opened the book.  The response can be linked to online feedback assessments, automatic ordering and adoption processes and field sales force teams.
iBook Widgets - this turns the widgets and inspection copy into an information container capable of holding anything and further enriching the review of the title. The extensions could contain; website links to compendium websites, author sites, fan sites; details of related and other tiles within a series or genre; links to reviews; extended bibliographic or metadata; video or podcasts. The widget becomes an effective way to distribute information both virally and to targeted audiences.
eCatalogues - offer an effective way to distribute digital catalogues which themselves contain active widgets. The catalogues can be templates into which the publisher merely pours his titles and distributes them. They may look like the physical catalogue or be purely designed for digital distribution and reading.
Distribution - Helping protect, diversify, market, promote and increase your revenue streams
Digital Book Store Distribution Made Easy. is a unique digital framework that enables digital content; held in multiple formats, in multiple repositories and by different organizations, to be sold or rented out by any vendor, anywhere and at anytime and delivered securely as a downloaded file, or rendered online to a consumer. This enables anyone (authorized by the publisher) to be able sell digital content without handling the digital files and with minimal technology. It also enables the publisher to maximize their sales opportunities whilst ensuring that they keep control of access to their digital assets and only distribute a digital file when sold.
Digital Drop ShipTM allows the existing commercial terms between parties to remain, with only the specific format discounts changing. This therefore minimizes the back office changes, the reconciliation and sales reporting for all parties.
Digital Drop ShipTM  is applicable to:
Publishers - who have or plan to have digital, books, journals, online, audio, video assets,
Wholesalers - who supply channels and wish to supply digital alongside physical content,
Distributors - who wish to also manage digital inventory
Library Suppliers - who wish to also supply digital content
Retailers - who wish to sell digital content without storing the files
eLibrary is fully compatible with the DDS infrastructure and should be considered alongside it and enables Publishers and Aggregators to package rent and/or sell eBooks to companies/institutions, schools & libraries.
eLibrary involves content that has been ‘bought’ by libraries and is being used, rented or sold to their members. The access and authentication of members is an important factor that is not achievable in the DDS.
Content Factory- NXTGen  enables the automated production of all common ebook formats; Abobe, MS Reader, Mobibook, OEB and ePub Kindle, iPad, Android, POD formatted files, typeset ready copy. It is possible to create content in any XML format.
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PSD-Tutorials publushes a monthly megazine with interesting articels, tests and tips
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Digital Book Conversion and Design
Conversion - Helping to transform your content to leverage digital opportunities