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"if it is not interactive then it is yesterday's newspaper"
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NXTGen MZ3 create interactive books and magazines from your content.

    NXTGen MZ3 is for creating flexible  interactive  applications with pages that turn like a traditional print book. NXTGen MZ3 has a natural "book" feel but may contain multi media content such as audio, video, animations, images and url links.

   NXTGen  makes it easy and fun to create and read catalogues, newsletters, magazines, eBooks, iBooks and even documentation.

Try it out and click on one of the images and see what all the excitement is about. The user guide and documentation is created with NXTGen MZ3.

MZ3 is developed in ActionScript3 and supports image files (e.g. jpg and png files), videos (e.g. f4v files), audio (e.g. mp3 files), text boxes and much more. If needed, the functionality can be securely expanded by users creating their own Plugins, making use of our open APIs.

The design of the GUI (Graphical User Interface: buttons, scroll bars, fields, background, ...) is configurable without programming,  using our ASUL files (Action Script User Language); a CSS like and very powerful way to do all configuration of the GUI without programming needs.

Create books or magazines with one of three methods:

1) Individually page by page.  Just add simple commands to the  NXTGen configuration file;

2) automatically with PDF files. There is a special tutorial using a set of command files to automatic batch process PDF files into a NXTGen Book  instantly.

3) NXTGen Publisher Design and Development Services

Introduction and User Manual
NXTGen Software
Create digital interactive books and magazines and generate new revenue streams with your content

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