What is your "bridge" strategy for print books to digital books?

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NXTGen Coding defines the difference between print and digital companion books.  NXTGen Coding makes it easy for readers to clearly differentiate in what the content is in each title version. the readers of the added value interactive content available.

Working From Home - An Interactive Encyclopedia is Handbook by Paul Robert Edwards JPD and Sara Edwards PHD, Co-authors of 17 books, Columnist, Consultant and U.S. Small Business Administration's (SBA) / "Small Business Journalist of the Year" has appeared on CNN, Oprah and other media.
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Between the popularity of the iPad and the increased adoption and continuing evolution of eBooks, the opportunities and sales channels for digital books have exploded.

Most publishers agree that some eBook titles justify the extra investment for enhancement, but determining the degree of interactivity and technical approach best-suited to the book and your budget can be daunting.

eBooks vs. Apps: The Pros, Cons, and Possibilities, we will explore the production and budgetary benefits and pitfalls of developing applications versus enhancing eBooks.

What are the differences between an enhanced eBook and an app?
What are the development opportunities, challenges and costs of each?
What types of enhancements are possible in the NXTGen format?
How can you optimize app development for cross-platform portability?