Authors, writers, publishers and content developers have many questions about digital solutions.  Which platform..iPad, Kindle, Ereader, iPhone, Android... eBook, ePub, iBook, Moby, Streak.... ?
The future of "reading" is changing and  crossing over from print to digital publishing on smart phones, eReaders, Kindle, iPad, Internet and how to maximize revenue streams.
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NXTGen provides a strategy that works to improve sales for both print and digital formats
How to upsell from $1.99 ebook model to the $19.95 iBook

NXTGen® Digital Publishing
     How we read has changed .... Interactive books are changing the world
"Print media is not dead.. the value proposition has simply become sexier"...J.V. 2010
With NXTGen as your digital solutions publishing  partner you are assured of a strategy for the future and a cross-over revenue strategy that works in today's marketplace.

NXTGen Tools provide publishing solutions that bridge print books to iBooks. Back list, current list, out of date, rare books, textbook, trade magazines, consumer publication and many other benefit from the NXTGen Software solutions
* The Association of American Publishers (AAP) and the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) show a 400% increase in wholesale Trade eBook sales when comparing June 2009 figures to June 2010

Print Books

There's a lot of "chatter" and questions regarding the next generation  publishing and Digital formats"  and cross-over digital strategies. Everyone talks about enhanced eBooks, but NXTGen provides the strategy to take your project a step beyond.

What is an enhanced eBook?
What is the cost to produce and why do it?
What are iBooks and where do they fit?
How can print books be used to upsell the digital formats?
How can NXTGen  work for me?
What is the difference between and enhanced eBook and an iBook?
Which digital formats will NXTGen work?
How do we create a "digital strategy" that works?
What are our options for enhancement?
What is NXTGen Content Coding all about?
How is an eBook different than an iBook?
How much does it cost to produce and how will we benefit?
Who makes enhanced ebooks?
Do we out source the workflow?
Can we create it in-house?
Do we even have the rights?
Should we create an enhanced eBook or an app? MORE!!!


It all starts by informing your print readers and eBooks readers what the differences are in each format. Let them know in each format what is in the other formats, what and where additional content is located,if there are multi-media clips, narrations, discussions and other "enhanced" content in the title. The print title using NXTGen Content Coding can actually up sell to the eBook and Ibook versions for added revenue. They are worth more because there is more content! There is distinct product differentiation and the customer is less confused.

NXTGen Content Coding creates a seamless  title strategy, product differentiation and pricing structure. The NXTGen " enhanced content reference system"  lets the reader know exactly what type and where interactive content is available in the enhanced interactive iBook version  NXTGen Digital Content Coding informs the readers of the added value interactive content available. Now the reader has a reason to move from a print book to an enhanced eBook and pay for the additional content.