Authors, writers, publishers and content developers have many questions about digital solutions.  Whch platform..iPad, Kindle, Ereader, iPhone, Android... eBook, ePub, iBook, Moby, Streak.... ?
The future of "reading" is changing and  crossing over from print to digital publishing on smartphones, eReaders, Kindle, iPad, Internet and how to maximize revenue strreams.

NXTGen® Digital Publishing
Create interactive books that engage the reader
With NXTGen as your digital solutions publishing  partner you are assured of a strategy for the future and a cross-over revenue strategy that works in todays marketplace.

NXTGen Tools provide publishing solutions that bridge print books to iBooks. Back list, current list, out of date, rare books, textbook, trade magazines, consumer publication and many other benefit from the NXTGen Software solutions
NXTGen Coding improves sales and defines the differences between print, ebook and iBooks (Enhanced ebooks). NXTGen brings social networking functionality and enhanced value - added content into the eBook and iBook.

It all starts by informing your print readers and eBooks readers there is a difference in the product. You tell them what the differences are, where there is additional content, multi-media, narrations, discussions and other "enhanced" content in the title. The print title can helpupsell to the eBook and Ibook versions for added revenue. They are worth more because there is more content!
NXTGen maximizes your ROI across the board - "if you are not the lead dog on the dog team- the scenary nevery changes"
Print Books
NXTGen is the result of researching issues, problems, solutions and options to top publishers, agents, developers, and experts in a practical, business-minded approach.

There are no  "sugar-coated" sound bytes, no tech jargon, no drooling over specific devices -we focus on the unique issues facing publishers and authors. as well as startup companies need to understand to build competent enhancements that satisfy and engage readers and sell books and apps.
Before merging enhanced ebooks into your business model and develop marketing strategies, learn about NXTGen Digital Solutions.
Digital Books to the Next Level