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The Association of American Publishers (AAP) and the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) show a 400% increase in wholesale Trade eBook sales when comparing June 2010 figures to June 2011

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Trade Associations: Custom eLearning solutions for optimizing training and staff development; data conversion solutions and publishing supply-chain innovation.
Library & Reference: Including information aggregators, research bodies, and professional associations
Educational Publishing: From traditional textbooks to interactive eLearning
Professional Publishing: Scholarly books and journals, both printed and e-published
Trade & Consumer Publishing: Helping publishers of popular books compete in the digital age
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Schedule Your FREE Book Publishing &  Marketing Strategy Session Now!  From Author dreams to author reality!

Yes, that's right.. You read it correctly! NXTGen is offering a free book publishing and marketing strategy session to new authors. If your book is published or if you are in the process of searching for a publisher this is an offer you should not pass up.

Not Yet Published?
If you're not yet published, the strategy session will also include ideas we have about positioning, cover design, your title, sales & distribution, marketing and more. Don't make the mistake so many self publishers make in the beginning! Avoid the fast-book factory self publishing mistakes.Printing is the easiest part

Already Published?

If you're already published we'll discuss ways in which you can strategically apply  the power of the Internet to cost-effectively market, sell, and profit from your book. Sell your book online and in book stores. Both print and digital formats.
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SmartPublishing for smart authors -.Don't pay for printing upfront! At NXTGen you can pay for books after they are sold!*
NXTGen is different than LuLu, CreateSpace and the other "fast-food" book mills! We are an author -based press with a hybrid publishing model, closing the gap between self-publishing and traditional royalty publishing.

NXTGen - A Different Kind of Self-Publishing.  We are the Next Generation of Self Publishing Company. We are all about the book and our authors. Our hybrid approach is to assist authors with the tools and the know how to be successful.

NXTGen author based services help to "coach-guide- and partner with your project.

We don't ask you to purchase things you don't need, don't work or have no meaning or purpose to being successful with publishing your book.! We design a custom book publishing plan to serve the unique needs of each author. Our expertise and one-on-one support get your book published quickly and into major distribution channels:  Baker & Taylor,Ingram , Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, and other appropriate channels.

You are not a number or just a website text visit. We get to know every author, so we can help you meet your personal publishing goals

You will work with a publisher, NOT  just a company that get your book printed. That means quality before quantity, and your book is published with a company that only works with authors

You get marketing services and coaching throughout the entire publishing process. It means we will work as if we are your book partner.. In fact56 we want to be your partner.

Each book gets a professional and creative customized design publishing plan not a one size fits all form to complete online and no  cookie cutter templates!
Independent Author-Based Publishing with NXTGen

Pay for Books as you go!

Monthly Payment Plans for all services.

Do-it-yourself and finish fast

Highest Royalties

Put more in your pocket  and spend less getting your book produced. Spend your money wisely... With NXTGen SmarterBook Marketing your book gets the  hands on plan just for your book.

Comprehensive Book Services
Get the help you need to complete your book with our affordable design, editing, and marketing services.

Your work is manufactured to meet demand, so your title is always in stock. There are no upfront book costs and no need to carry inventory.

Wide Distribution Options
Expand your reach with Amazon, your own eStore, and the Expanded Distribution Channel for books including traditional bookstores.

Always Available

Help when you need it
Get answers fast over the phone, by e-mail, or join our Community and discuss your ideas, questions, and more with folks just like you.

Just answer a few questions
All you have to do is fill out a few questions and let us know when we should contact you. Your book marketing strategy session will include:
How to get book sales, distribution, radio and TV appearances, bookstore sales and
Information on your book's target audience and how to reach them.

Online marketing strategies that help generate traffic for your book's website.

Ideas about the ads you might want to write for Amazon, Google,  WordPress, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines.

An analysis of which social networking sites  have potential to generate interest in your book, and how to market your books on these sites
Specific business development strategies for creating cross-marketing relationships with other websites and online businesses.

Smarter Self Publishing

Monthly Installment Payment Plans
No Upfront Book Purchases
Pay When Your Books Are Sold
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Smarter Book Marketing
Publishing On Demand
Editing & Writing
Free Proof Copy Books
We treat all authors like BEST-SELLERS
*Optional publishing programs available
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NXTGen provides professional solution. BEWARE of the "just get it printed" mentality!  Buying printing alone is worst approach possible for newcomers.
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