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NXTGEN - MZ3 Interactive Book Licenses
Bronze Software License                   1 Title          2-5 Title        6-10 Title     11-20      21-50     50+
License Cost (per book)                      $199 USD      $90 USD        $85 USD       $80       $75     $50

Restrictions Online
Access only over the Internet and with a Browser and Offline use.

Number of Edits: Unlimited

Number of Pages per book:Unlimited
License term: Annual

Commercial use license:

·These are the legal definitions of a commercial use license for NXTGEN - MZ3 Interactive Book Development System:
·Commercial License

Private persons not automatically qualify for the use of a private license.
If e.g. links or webspace is sold in combination with  NXTGEN - MZ3 Interactive Book Development System titles/books or other commercial interests are evident, also private users need a commercial  NXTGEN - MZ3 Interactive Book Development System license.

Corporate Use License - Interanl Use
Every publication of  NXTGEN - MZ3 Interactive Book Development System titles/books by a company is treated as commercial use. This is also true for internal publication of manuals ,documentation, reports or like.
If companies wish to standardize publication formats for internal or external corporate content on  NXTGEN - MZ3 Interactive Book Development System, please contact NXTGen

Development License
All development is included in both the Commerce or Corporate license. Only for the use of  NXTGEN - MZ3 Interactive Book Development System titles/books for commercial interests a commercial license is requested.

Personal/ Private Use

The license for private use is embedded in the software available for download. Registration is required.  For private use there are
·no restrictions in functionality
·no time constraints and
·no limitations on number of titles, books, editions, issues or pages.

Non- Profit
The organizations may apply for a license on a case by case basis After validation by us we’ll provide a NXTGEN - MZ3-FREE license, which in general has similar limitations as a NXTGEN - MZ3-FLEX 1 year license.
Commercial use
Licenses with No time limits
These licenses are transferable and can be resold.
·NXTGEN - MZ3-FIX: single, big books with high editions, Online and or Offline publication
·NXTGEN - MZ3-FLEX: several issues od editions of titles/books with not that many pages, small editions,
Online (Internet) and/or Offline (media like SC, DVD or download) publications
One Year Licenses
The 1 year licenses is not transferable or to one company as the licensee.
One main license contain several sub-licenses, depending on type and size. Not re -assignable licensure
Nevertheless, those sub-licenses may be used for customers’ titles or books (hosting service) .
One Year License is for 12 months and must be renewed each year. At the end of the Life Span no more modifications or new titles/books are allowed. No more download or distribution of books is permitted after the end of the Life Span.
Already published titles/books can stay Online without limitation, also after the end of the Life Span.
·NXTGEN - MZ3-TIME: up to 5 periodical titles, many issues and pages
only Online publishing, no Offline distribution
·NXTGEN - MZ3-HOST: only Online Books; like Catalogues,Magazines, Manuals…
·NXTGEN - MZ3-PUBL: Online and Offline Books
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