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$20month -12 months  ( $240 save!) Optional: add  additional books for $40.00  ea. Book ( up to 6 books)
$20/month -  6 months ($120)/ Optional:add each additional book for $ 40.00 ea. book

Add $25 for digital flip book creation from your book file.

Complete Interactive digital book creation options are available on a per book bases by number of pages


Do you make the mistake of sending listeners to AMZON for you books? That's like telling the book stores not to stock your book! Why would bookstores carry your book if you always send listeners to AMAZON?

They heard you on the radio... Now let them purchase your books. Let the book stores carry it in their store. Gold Plan authors get their title mentioned talk radio.

Gold Plan: Includes yo
ur book cover on the website for 1 year,  and  Interactive sample book of the for 10- pages. Optional- Create a complete interactive book of each chapter.

Listeners can order your book from an order form for your book on RBS site, your website, Amazon, etc.

Affordable book marketing!

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Your book mentioned on radio talk shows,,,,. Orders come directly to you for fulfillment.

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Complete the guest form and submit information to be considered as a special guest on talk radio.

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Your book information Emailed to 8,000,000 DOUBLE OPT-In Target Market book buyers and readers.

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Radio Book Shelf
Bring national visibility to your book for as low as $1a day
Ask About: Additional publishing, distribution, Ebook Enhancement opportunities including scratch and sniff publishing. Lou Vickery and NXTGen Interactive Publishing Inc. help bring authors to the next generation of publishing.

Each time you send listeners to AMAZON for your book... you chase potential bookstores and booksellers away. Booksellers compete with Amazon... Let RBS help improve visibility and distribution.

Radio Book Shelf lets the book seller and listener know you are doing promotion and that helps them to consider carrying your book.

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The Gold plan is your best value.
Orders come directly from Radio Book Shelf to you for fulfillment. You can have  the option for RBS to provide shipping and handling.

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