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Catarina Gennaro / The Shark Mom - award-winning images have graced the pages of Popular Photography, Natural Geographic, Forbes, Ladies Home Journal, Access magazine, Shark Diver magazine, Scuba Diving Magazine, New York Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and can be seen regularly on the Discovery Channel website MORE

Orwell's America connects important
· Will America’s next President
continue take us further away from
our constitutional roots?
· Americans need to wake up or
loose this country!
· A World Order Government and
socialistic - Muslim progressive
movement is upon us.
· How will U.S. health-care survive?
· Do we have the Big Brother
complete with blind trust from the
sheep ?
· Will the American people  demand
truth and accountability?
· Will there be a grassroots revolution
to return the U.S. to the
conservative values upon which the
founding fathers relied to create the
worlds bastion of freedom and
· Will God be reinstated at the center
of Americas culture?
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