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Wrongly Charged in Coconut Creek, FL

“If you haven’t done anything wrong, you have nothing to fear.” It’s a well-meaning platitude repeated by people who consider themselves to be moral, upstanding, and law-abiding citizens. Maybe in some cases, it’s true. However, real life isn’t as easy and simple as this platitude would help you believe. Innocent people are wrongly accused of crimes every day in this country. Plenty of times, the police do their job and quickly figure out who is innocent and who is trying to shift the blame to someone else. However, the police are people too, and they can make mistakes – and worse.

A book about being wrongly accused
Wrongly Charged Book

Read our book about an innocent man who was wrongly accused!

Wrongly Charged is the story of one such “mistake.” It is the true story of three locksmiths from Coconut Creek, FL who were arrested and wrongly accused with major felonies. The police knew very well that the matter at hand was a civil one concerning trademark infringement, but that didn’t stop them. These three men were tossed into the criminal justice system and had to endure the indignity of an arrest and worse, striving to prove their innocence lest they get slapped with a lengthy prison sentence. Author David Merkatz, one of the locksmiths, lets you in on every detail of the wrongful arrest, criminal trial, and more. It’s his mission to show you that in the American legal system, you aren’t “innocent until proven guilty.” When push comes to shove, you’re “guilty until proven innocent.”
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Read this book if you’re interested in the criminal justice system. Read this book if you yourself have suffered from a wrongful arrest. Read this book if you’re interested in the American legal system and want to do everything you can to make sure that David Merkatz’s story isn’t repeated in a courtroom near you.

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