Criminal Trial Coconut Creek, FL

Chapters - Wrongly Charged (WRONGLY CHARGE II - coming January 2016

Chapter 1: "My Story"--events leading up to David's case-- growing up in Brooklyn, becoming a locksmith. It also follows his move to Florida and how lack of licensing requirements, growing competition and internet advertising make it harder for him to make a living.

Chapter 2: The Sting--how the cops arrest the two locksmiths, then go after David for organized scheme to defraud, money laundering ,etc.

Chapter 3: "Keep Your Friends Close & Your Bail Bondsman Closer"--Navigating the Bond System-- covers how to bond out of jail and do it quickly (Florida and federal systems).

Chapter 4: Arraignment process

Chapter 5: Guilty Until Proven Innocent--this is the story of Joe, David's friend from Brooklyn. In the late 70s, Joe was twenty-something, newly married and upwardly mobile. After he is falsely accused of rape his whole life falls apart--he is professionally, financially and personally ruined. He is later released after the real rapist attacks again and the victim realizes she had identified the wrong man. Chapter also includes famous cases of people exonerated by DNA.

Chapter 6: Plea or Trial--this covers the pros and cons of taking a plea--and the pressure on accused people to do so (particularly if they are innocent and afraid of losing at trial).

Chapter 7: Probation

Chapter 8: Options After Conviction--Sealing and expunging your record

Chapter 9: Traffic stops--knowing your rights during a traffic stop; also covers DUI stops/arrests

Chapter 10: Criminal Sentencing in Florida--the scoring system

Chapter 11: The Appeals process--what to do after you've lost a criminal case or civil suit. Also includes how David won the appeal re: his gun license.

Chapter 12: Wrongly charged--cases of people wrongly convicted of rape/murder. Will also include story of Florida teachers who are falsely accused of child molestation.

Chapter 13: Conclusion--the resolution of the locksmiths' cases, including David's.

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