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Wrongly Accused in Coconut Creek, FL!

Wrongful Arrest Coconut Creek, FL

In some ways, David Merkatz was lucky. While his life was turned upside down for months, he was never convicted by a jury of his peers. He wasn’t sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. He didn’t have to enter a years-long legal battle to secure his release and clear his good name.

Some people aren’t so lucky. Here are the names of a few people to whom the American criminal justice system has dealt an exceptionally bad hand:

Ronald Cotton: Jennifer Thompson, a college student at the time, was raped in her home by a stranger on the night of July 28, 1984. She memorized the face of the man who raped her and went to the police as soon as she could escape from him. Unfortunately, when the police asked her to view a photo lineup of possible suspects, Thompson made a mistake and wrongly accused Ronald Cotton of raping her. (Her actual rapist was a man who looked very similar to Cotton.) He was tried, convicted, and sentenced to life in prison – twice. However, ten years later, DNA evidence came to the rescue. Cotton was released, and the real rapist eventually died in prison. Today, Thompson and Cotton work together to advocate on the dangers of using sole eyewitness.

Wrongful Arrest Coconut Creek, FL

Michael Morton: On the morning of August 13, 1986, Michael Morton kissed his sleeping wife Christine goodbye and went off to work at the local Safeway. When he came home that evening, he found that his wife had been murdered – and he was the prime suspect. Morton was tried, convicted, and sent to prison for nearly twenty-five years. It was only the tireless work of several attorneys and DNA evidence that managed to prove Morton’s innocence and send the real murderer to prison.

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Wrongly Charged Coconut Creek, FL

Anthony Yarbough and Sharfif Wilson: In 1992, Anthony Yarbough’s mother, sister, and another young girl were brutally murdered in Yarbough’s apartment. Police quickly zeroed in on Yarbough and another young man, Shariff Wilson, as their suspects. Wilson falsely testified in the criminal trial against Yarbough in exchange for a reduced sentence, and both men were sent to prison. It wasn’t until twenty-one years had passed that DNA evidence – some acquired from a victim of another murder which occurred while Yarbough and Wilson were in prison – was able to acquit the two men.

These are just three stories. There are many others who have been wrongly accused and falsely charged. Some, like David Merkatz, are able to avoid being convicted in the first place. Some, like these men, are able to clear their names after years of effort. Others are still in prison.

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